Molecular Biology

Category Science / Built Environment
Type Third Level / CAO

Hide-Stage 1:

To provide the student with a basic appreciation of the scientific disciplines that underpin Molecular Biology students are required to take the following modules:


Genetics and Molecular Biology


Introductory Skills for Biosciences

and one module in Chemistry.

Most Molecular Biology students take a second chemistry module as their sixth module.

Stage 2:

Further specialisation occurs at this stage as students develop their skills in Biochemistry and Genetics and in particular take modules to introduce Molecular Biology.

Required modules are:

Genetic Systems

Molecular Enzymology

Molecular Genetics

Physical and Analytical Biochemistry

and either:

Microbial Metabolism and Physiology


Molecular Ecology and Evolutionary Genetics

Stage 3:

In the final year, Molecular Biology and its application to various biological sub-disciplines are studied in depth. In addition, essays and seminars allow students to develop their skills in presentation and an appreciation of research papers.

All students carry out a two-module research project under the supervision of one or more members of the academic staff and modules in:

Genetic Manipulation and Biotechnology

The Human Genome

and two other modules normally taken from:

Biomolecular Structure

Cell Signalling

Molecular Evolution and Bioinformatics


The research project generally involves practical work carried out in the laboratory in one of the many active areas of molecular research in the School.

Special features:

The degree is recognised by the Royal Society of Chemistry and graduates can apply for admission as an Associate Member (AMRSC) provided that certain modules are chosen.

Location Antrim
Company Queen's University Belfast
Course Duration 3 years.
Entry Requirements Please click on the course web page below for current grade requirements.
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