UCC Adult Education

Address: ‘The Laurels’,
Western Road,
University College Cork,
Phone: 021 4902301
Description The Centre for Adult Continuing Education, University College Cork offers a flexible approach to meeting the needs of adult learners. This flexibility is evident in the range and availability of programmes in UCC as well as those offered in many outreach centres and in community settings throughout Ireland. This range of learning opportunities reflects the many partnerships and contacts with outside educational interests, both statutory and voluntary.

The Centre offers a varied range of courses such as Short-Term, Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma and Masters courses.

Courses are offered for those who –
• want to consider a return to education and would like to build confidence in themselves as learners before going on to further education;
• want to develop their community development skills and knowledge;
• want to explore and learn more about a specific interest for example Art History, Geology, Music, Social Studies, Women’s Studies etc.
• want to avail of Continuing Education Programmes which will update their knowledge and skills and keep them abreast of quickly changing information, concepts and trends e.g. Food Retailing, Personnel Management, Process & Chemical Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Learning & Development etc.

If you have been out of school for some time you may be anxious about returning to a classroom. The Centre for Adult Continuing Education makes a point of ensuring that you have a successful experience and that you are treated as an adult in the classroom. Lecturers are approachable and friendly, discussions are lively and open. Instead of exams you may find yourself keeping a journal of learning, undertaking a short written assignment, working on a practical project with fellow students or producing a creative project. Assistance is available when you need it. Our aim is to make the learning experience an enjoyable one and to ensure that it is appropriate to who you are as an adult learner.

University College Cork and in particular the Centre for Adult Continuing Education are committed to the provision of lifelong learning and to the further development of a coherent ladder of educational opportunity for those wishing to study. In this regard a modularization process to facilitate credit allowance and the placing of programmes on NQAI Levels of Award is in process.
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