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Type Full Time
Description CX203 Communication Across The Life-Span
Viewing the stages of childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age as communication contexts, this module provides an introduction to the psychological and developmental factors affecting growth in each of these time periods. From here, specific reference will be made to how such factors and issues impact upon the process of communication in each of these contexts, what obstacles they create, and how they can be dealt with effectively.

Topics to be covered include cognitive, emotional, personality and social development, identity, family and peer relations, transitions, and adjustment and coping. Particular attention will be paid to personal, social, business-occupational and educational domains.

Tutor Details
Martin Kelly holds a Masters Degree in Psychology and has been working with the Adult Education Centre since 1998. At present he co-ordinates the Diploma in Communications, and tutors on the Diploma in Nursery Management. He also offers full-day workshops in Creative Thinking and Problem Solving. He runs a private practice in counselling psychology in the Wicklow/Wexford area.

Certificate in Communication Skills

The Certificate is Level 7, 30 ECTS. Each module carries 5 ECTS.
Co-ordinator: Martin Kelly

This course offers the participant the opportunity to develop competency and effectiveness across all the essential elements of communication (speaking, listening, reading and writing), within personal, social, business-occupational and educational contexts. The Certificate will be awarded to those who complete six specified modules satisfactorily.

Please note that the Certificate in Communication Skills is being discontinued and that there will therefore be no entry to it in 2011 and future years. Consequently, students who wish to complete the course must do so by the end of the 2010/11 academic year; it will not be possible to repeat the course after that time.

CX101 Psychology of Interpersonal Communication
CX202 Reading Skills
CX203 Communication Across The Life-Span
CX304 Writing Skills
CX105 Intercultural Communication
CX306 Mass Communication

Modular Learning Explained:
Credit courses give you the opportunity to decide your own pattern of learning whilst building up academic credits. Credits can be used towards a Level 7 Certificate.

There are no entry requirements for credit modules

80% attendance is required to successfully complete a course for credit.

The credit system gives you the opportunity to decide your own pattern of learning leading to the award of academic credits. Credits can be used towards a National University of Ireland (NUI) Certificate

Certificate Courses
To qualify for the award of a certificate you need to complete a total of 6 credit modules.

Two certificate options are available:

a Single Subject certificate - available in Archaeology, Communication Skills, Genealogy, Philosophy and Adult Education (Professional Development).

a Certificate in Contemporary Studies, allowing multi-discipline study or a focus on areas where no single subject certificate is available. Thus, there is scope for mixing and matching according to your preference, from the modules in the credit courses section.

Modules can be completed at your own pace. You will undertake various kinds of adult-friendly assessment - essays, learning journals, projects and, in some cases, exams. You will be supported with advice on study and how to approach assessment with confidence. We recommend that you aim to take three years to complete a certificate.

Further study
In addition to our Access programme, NUI Certificates can support an application for mature entry to a degree course. Please note that the minimum age for entering Higher Education as a Mature Student is 23.

Credit students may apply for exemptions if they have previously studied areas of the course .
Location Dublin City
Company University College Dublin - UCD
Course Fee Tuition Fee: €210 Cr
Course Duration 10 weeks
Course Times Tuesday 7.30pm - 9.30pm,
plus Saturday 20th February 10.00am - 2.00pm.
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