Apprenticeship-Carpenter/ Joiner

Category Science / Built Environment » Carpentry
Type Full Time
Description Apprenticeship is the recognised means by which people are trained to become craftspeople in Ireland. Apprenticeship is a
demand-driven, workplace and classroom, educational and training programme for employed people aimed at developing the
skills required to satisfactorily perform the core skills of their chosen trade and to meet the needs of industry and the labour
The apprenticeship system is a modular standards-based system generally comprising of 7 alternating phases of on-the-job and
off-the-job training and development. These alternating phases of training consist of 3 off-the-job and 4 on-the-job phases. The
duration of the 3 off-the-job training phases does not normally exceed 40 weeks.
The off-the-job phases are delivered by a FÁS Training Centre, an Institute of Technology or another approved training provider.
The key factor in delivery of an off-the-job training phase is that it is delivered in a single training environment to ensure the
integration of practical training with the necessary theoretical and personal skills.
Location Louth
Company Dundalk Institute of Technology (DKIT)
Course Duration 3 off the job phases
Qualification Earned FETAC Level 6 National Advanced Craft
Entry Requirements To obtain an Apprenticeship, it is necessary to contact a
prospective employer directly. The Employer then registers the
apprentice’s name with FÁS and only then can the training
programme begin.
Employment may begin at 16 years of age subject to the
minimum educational requirements:
Grade D in any 5 subjects, at Dept. of Education
Junior Cert. Level
Satisfactorily complete a FÁS pre-apprenticeship programme
In certain occupations, a vision test is required.
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